Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tons of Updates and modifications

Hello guys, Hmm.. After a long time...Busy with development. We made changes and updates to "The Adventures of Pluto" to give more fun to players. The changes and updates are listed here..

1. Slingshot skill system, update all base animations and code for it.(A projectile weapon- primary)
2. Interactive physics based levels, now player can destroy obstacles to clear his way! more fun!!.
3. Magic wand of fairies, a star headed magic wand which consumes 2 kinds of pixie dust glod, and blue for various kinds of puzzle solving.(Weapon-B).
4. Special animations for those states.
5. Improved Side and vertical scrolling system.
6. Improved camera system.
7. HUD and menus are improved.
8.AI driven Idle animations.
9. Autonomous Agents based behavior system for enemies.
10. A.I. driven skill system and cut-scene system.
11. Now graphics are more vivid. 
and lot more...

We team working very hard to polish the game in all areas.
I'll upload videos of our updates in my next post. :)

Thank you for supporting independent game developers.


  1. yep.... today we updated the animation for the game character ...

    but we struggled when updating the character, we done all animations to it
    but we faced troubles updating in the engine.

    any way we solved the problem today itself......
    now we are working implementation of SligShot animations for the character.......
    after that i will follow the blog with full details....

    bye for now....