Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Sept 2011 - 3rd revision

We did 3rd revision of Pluto Animations and Finite State Machines and we increased the overall frame rate of the game. Now its stable and sustainable thanks to all my team members and VarmaFxnAI frame work.


  1. WOW... Its Rocking Codeline Team wish you all the best for the upcoming developments Codeline Team

  2. Thank you Kishore.

    Thanks for supporting independent game developers.

  3. Thank you Mr. Kishore,
    This is Adi babu, I am working as
    concept artist, modeler, texture artist
    and level designer at codelinegames.

    We team working hard to polish this game in all areas, working as a independent developers gives me more freedom on my art side, So I can help my programming team with regular discussions.

    I'm researching on how to make art for efficient real-time rendering without loosing details!!