Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Magic wand of fairies!

We did coding for magical objects, Rigid-bodies, Now magic wand is working at charm, although we need to polish this too.

Need some kind of low level rendering state machine programming using OpenGL (not with Direct 3D this time I am not confusing with flipped coordinates that offers in  reverse order than OpenGL in Direct 3D:))

Some interesting update in Art, but it needs to test fully before implement as well as share with you :)

Thanks for supporting independent game developers.

Happy Gaming..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tons of Updates and modifications

Hello guys, Hmm.. After a long time...Busy with development. We made changes and updates to "The Adventures of Pluto" to give more fun to players. The changes and updates are listed here..

1. Slingshot skill system, update all base animations and code for it.(A projectile weapon- primary)
2. Interactive physics based levels, now player can destroy obstacles to clear his way! more fun!!.
3. Magic wand of fairies, a star headed magic wand which consumes 2 kinds of pixie dust glod, and blue for various kinds of puzzle solving.(Weapon-B).
4. Special animations for those states.
5. Improved Side and vertical scrolling system.
6. Improved camera system.
7. HUD and menus are improved.
8.AI driven Idle animations.
9. Autonomous Agents based behavior system for enemies.
10. A.I. driven skill system and cut-scene system.
11. Now graphics are more vivid. 
and lot more...

We team working very hard to polish the game in all areas.
I'll upload videos of our updates in my next post. :)

Thank you for supporting independent game developers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Sept 2011 - 3rd revision

We did 3rd revision of Pluto Animations and Finite State Machines and we increased the overall frame rate of the game. Now its stable and sustainable thanks to all my team members and VarmaFxnAI frame work.