Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Magic wand of fairies!

We did coding for magical objects, Rigid-bodies, Now magic wand is working at charm, although we need to polish this too.

Need some kind of low level rendering state machine programming using OpenGL (not with Direct 3D this time I am not confusing with flipped coordinates that offers in  reverse order than OpenGL in Direct 3D:))

Some interesting update in Art, but it needs to test fully before implement as well as share with you :)

Thanks for supporting independent game developers.

Happy Gaming..

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  1. Hi, i am prakash, animator at CLG...... ...

    Yep...! we working on magic wand and it is working as stated above.... and now i am working on some animations of magic wand... so today i am working on this issue.

    Upto right now we reached the best quality output and also trying to get best of the best output..

    So, today i am working the magic wand animations, so i have to act some motions.... let you please allow me to act the motions...

    Thanking you support independent game developers...

    gaming fun everyone...